External corners | 55 mm: AU$ 2.50

        Gyprock 13mm | 90mm: AU$ 3.30

    External Corners

        Gyprock moisture resistant | 2.4mm: AU$ 3.75

        Gyprock r/e | 2.7mm: AU$ 4.25


        Gyprock r/e | 13mm: AU$ 6.75

    Gyprock Moisture Resistant

        Gyprock r/e | 3000 x 1200 x 10: AU$ 35.50

    Gyproc R

    Gyprock Spanshield

        Ceramic tile underlay | 3000 x 1200 x 10: AU$ 25.50

        Cladding plank smooth | 3600 x 1200 x 10: AU$ 31.50

    Shadow Mould P50

        Cladding plank smooth | 3.0m: AU$ 7.25


    Bamboo Maui Plywood

        f27 Wayang Plywood Brace | 2400x1200x4: AU$59.50

    BB Marine Grade Plywood

        MDF Sheeting | 2400x1200x12: AU$36.95
        MDF Sheeting | 2400x1200x18: AU$130

    F27 Wayang Plywood Brace

        MDF Sheeting | 2400x1200x3.6: AU$25
        MDF Sheeting | 2700x1200x4.5: AU$28.50

    MDF Sheeting

        MDF Sheeting | 2400x1200x12: AU$36.95
        MDF Sheeting | 2400x1200x06: AU$21.05
        MDF Sheeting | 2400x1200x09: AU$28.05
        MDF Sheeting | 2400x1200x16: AU$38
        Melamine Sheet | 2400x1200x18: AU$41.50
        Melamine Shelving | 2400x1200x25: AU$62.50
        Melamine Shelving | 2400x1200x32: AU$86.50
        Melamine Shelving | 2400x1200x03: AU$14

    Melamine Sheet

        Melamine Shelving | 2400x1200x16: AU$50

    Melamine Shelving

        Melamine Wrap | 2400x300x16: AU$18.95
        Particle board flooring beige tongue | 2400x450x16: AU$25
        Particle board flooring green tongue | 2400x600x16: AU$31.50
        Plywood Brace | 3600x600x16: AU$37.95

    Melamine Wrap

        Plywood CD | 42x19x3.6: AU$15.95

    Particle board flooring beige tongue

        Plywood CD | 3600x900x22: AU$66

    Particle board flooring green tongue

        Plywood CD | 3600x900x19: AU$50

    Plywood Brace

        Plywood CD | 2440x900x07: AU$26

    Plywood CD

        Plywood cd | 2400x1200x18: AU$57.50
        Plywood Formply | 2400x1200x07: AU$29
        Plywood Formply | 2400x1200x09: AU$36.50
        Plywood T&G structural | 2400x1200x12: AU$46.50
        Plywood T&G structural | 2400x1200x15: AU$50

    Plywood Formply

        Plywood T&G structural | 1800x1200x18: AU$76.50
        Shadowclad grooved unprimed | 2400x1200x18: AU$105

    Plywood T&G structural

        Shadowclad grooved unprimed | 2400x1200x15: AU$59.95
        Concealed joiners 170mm | 2400x1200x17: AU$68.95
        Concealed joiners 200mm | 2400x1200x19: AU$87

    Shadowclad grooved unprimed

        Concealed joiners 300mm | 2440x1200x12: AU$122.50
        Primlok starter strip | 2745x1200x12: AU$137.50


    Concealed joiners 170mm

        Weatherex Ecogroove 300mm | 170mm: AU$3.25

    Concealed joiners 200mm

        Weathergroove Smooth 150mm | 200mm: AU$3.50

    Concealed joiners 300mm

        Weathergroove Smooth 150mm | 300mm: AU$4.20

    Primlok starter strip

        Weathergroove Smooth 150mm | 1.8m: AU$12.75

    Weatherex Ecogroove 300mm

        Weathertex braidwood smooth | 300x3.6m: AU$45.50

    Weathergroove Smooth 150mm

        Weathertex classic smooth | 2440x1196: AU$142.50
        Weathertex ecogroove150mm | 2745x1196: AU$162.50
        Weathertex ext box corner large | 3660x1196: AU$235

    Weathertex braidwood smooth

        Weathertex ext box corner small | 200mm x 3.6m: AU$30.50

    Weathertex classic smooth

        Weathertex federation ruff sawn | 200mm x 3.6m: AU$22.50

    Weathertex ecogroove150mm

        Weathertex federation smooth | 300mmx3.6m: AU$45.50

    Weathertex ext box corner large

        Weathertex internal corner large | 3.0m: AU$68

    Weathertex ext box corner small

        Weathertex internal corner small | 3.66m: AU$62.50

    Weathertex federation ruff sawn

        Weathertex millwood ruff sawn | 170mm x 3.6m: AU$28.95

    Weathertex federation smooth

        Weathertex millwood smooth | 170mm x 3.6m: AU$27.95

    Weathertex internal corner large

        Weathertex old colonial smooth | 3.0m: AU$67.50

    Weathertex internal corner small

        Weathertex primlok ruff sawn | 3.66m: AU$62.50

    Weathertex millwood ruff sawn

        Weathertex primlok smooth | 300mm x 3.6m: AU$43.75

    Weathertex millwood smooth

        Weathertex rusticated ruff sawn | 300mm x 3.6m: AU$42.75

    Weathertex old colonial smooth

        Weathertex rusticated smooth | 300mm x 3.6m: AU$42.75

    Weathertex primlok ruff sawn

        Weathertex shadowood smooth | 200mm x 3.6m: AU$31.50

    Weathertex primlok smooth

        Weathertex shingles | 200mm x 3.6m: AU$30

    Weathertex rusticated ruff sawn

        Weathertex Texwood | 200mm x 3.6m: AU$31.50

    Weathertex rusticated smooth

        Furniture Grade Black Butt | 200mm x 3.6m: AU$30.50

    Weathertex shadowood smooth

        Furniture Grade Black Butt | 170mm x 3.6m: AU$27.95

    Weathertex shingles

        Furniture Grade Brush Box | 1195mm x 255mm: AU$18.50

    Weathertex Texwood

        Furniture Grade Brush Box | 300mm x3.6m: AU$45.50


    Hardiflex Sheet

        Cladding Plank Woodgrain | 1800x1200x4.5: AU$22
        Hardiflex Sheet | 1800x900x4.5: AU$16.50
        Hardiflex Sheet | 2100x1200x4.5: AU$25.50
        Hardiflex Sheet | 2400x900x4.5: AU$
        Hardiflex Sheet 6mm | 2400x1200x4.5: AU$29.50
        Hardiflex Sheet 6mm | 2700x1200x4.5: AU$32.70
        Linea weatherboard | 3000x900x45: AU$27.50
        Linea weatherboard | 3000x1200x4.5: AU$36.50

    Ceramic Tile Underlay

        Cladding Plank Woodgrain | 1800x1200x6: AU$31


        Gyprock r/e | 13mm: AU$ 6.75

    Cladding Plank Smooth

        Compressed Facade Panel | 300mmx4.2m: AU$30
        Compressed Facade Panel | 230mmx4.2m: AU$21.50

    Cladding Plank Woodgrain

        Compressed Fibro | 230mmx4.2m: AU$23.50
        Compressed Fibro | 300mmx4.2m: AU$33

    Compressed Facade Panel

        Compressed Fibro | 9mm: AU$49.50
        Compressed Fibro | 12mm: AU$68.75

    Compressed Fibro

        Compressed Fibro | 18mm: AU$75
        Compressed Fibro | 24mm: AU$115
        Compressed Fibro | 1500x900x15: AU$87.50
        Compressed Fibro | 1500x1200x15: AU$115.75
        Compressed Fibro | 1800x900x15: AU$104.50
        Compressed Fibro | 1800x1200x15
        : AU$135.50
        Compressed Fibro | 2100x1200x15: AU$161.90
        Compressed Fibro | 2400x900x15: AU$138.75
        Eave Sheet | 2400x1200x15: AU$185
        Eave Sheet | 2700x1200x15: AU$208.50
        Hardiflex Sheet | 3000x900x15: AU$173.50
        Hardiflex Sheet | 3000x1200x15: AU$231.50

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