Furniture Grade Black Butt

        Furniture Grade Brush Box | 185x19: AU$26.50

        Furniture Grade Iron Bark | 290x41: AU$100

    Furniture Grade Brush Box

        Furniture Grade Iron Bark | 185x19: AU$27.50
        Furniture Grade Iron Bark | 285x31: AU$76.50
        Furniture Grade Jarrah | 285x41: AU$120

    Furniture Grade Iron Bark

        Furniture Grade Jarrah | 290x41: AU$110
        Furniture Grade Jarrah | 290x31: AU$85
        Furniture Grade Tallowood | 185x19: AU$28.95

    Furniture Grade Jarrah

        Furniture Grade Tallowood | 285x31: AU$85
        Furniture Spotted Gum | 285x41: AU$115
        Furniture Spotted Gum | 185x19: AU$28.50

    Furniture Grade Tallowood

        Furniture Spotted Gum | 290x31: AU$75
        Merbau French Light Sill | 290x41: AU$125

    Furniture Spotted Gum

        Merbau French Lite Sill | 185x19: AU$26.50
        1/2 Splay | 290x31: AU$79.95
        1/2 Splay | 290x41: AU$115

    Merbau French Light Sill

        1/2 Splay | 175x50: AU$39

    Merbau French Lite Sill

        MDF Bullnose | 150x50: AU$31.50


    2 Splay


    MDF Bullnose

        MDF DAR | 92x18: AU$3.10
        MDF DAR | 67x18: AU$2.05


        MDF DAR | 117x18: AU$4.15
        MDF Lambs Tongue | 140x18: AU$4.35
        MDF Lambs Tongue | 42x18: AU$1.60
        MDF Lambs Tongue | 67x18: AU$2.05
        MDF Pencil Round | 92x18: AU$3.10

    MDF Lambs Tongue

        MDF Pencil Round | 140x18: AU$4.35
        Merbau dar P/Round | 67x18: AU$2.05
        Merbau dar P/Round | 92x18: AU$3.10

    MDF Pencil Round

        Merbau dar P/Round | 42x12: AU$1.30
        Merbau dar P/Round | 67x12: AU$1.95


    Merbau dar P

        Merbau dar P/Round | 42x18: AU$2.85
        Merbau dar P/Round | 42x31: AU$5.95
        Merbau dar P/Round | 41x41: AU$8.50
        Merbau dar P/Round | 68x19: AU$4.95
        Merbau dar P/Round | 90x19: AU$6.50
        Merbau dar P/Round | 91x42: AU$19.95
        Merbau dar P/Round | 140x19: AU$9.75
        Merbau dar P/Round | 140x42: AU$31.50
        Merbau engineered post solid face gl13 | 190x42: AU$39.95
        Merbau engineered post solid face gl13 | 190x19: AU$22.50
        Merbau P/Round Solid Posts | 240x42: AU$61.50
        Pacific Maple -1/2 Splay-Colonial-B/nose | 290x42: AU$75

    Merbau engineered post solid face gl13

        Pacific Maple -1/2 Splay-Colonial-B/nose | 115x115: AU$75
        Pacific Maple cover strip | 140x140: AU$125

    Merbau P

        Round Solid Posts

        Pacific Maple cover strip | 91x91: AU$36.50


    Pacific Maple -1

        2 Splay-Colonial-B

        Pacific Maple DAR | 68x19: AU$3.30
        Pacific Maple DAR | 92x18: AU$4.50

    Pacific Maple Cover Strip

        Pacific Maple DAR | 31x8: AU$2
        Pacific Maple DAR | 42x8: AU$2.25

    Pacific Maple DAR

        Pacific Maple DAR | 68x19: AU$3.30
        Pacific Maple DAR | 12x12: AU$1.65
        Pacific Maple DAR | 42x12: AU$2
        Pacific Maple DAR | 68x12: AU$3
        Pacific Maple DAR | 92x12: AU$4.95
        Pacific Maple DAR | 19x19: AU$1.95
        Pacific Maple DAR | 42x19: AU$2.40
        B/nose-1/2 splay-Colonial-Top splay f/jointed | 92x19: AU$4.65
        B/nose-1/2 splay-Colonial-Top splay f/jointed | 116x19: AU$6.25
        B/nose-1/2 splay-Colonial-Top splay f/jointed | 140x19: AU$7.75
        White Primed Door Jamb | 185x19: AU$12.50


    J Moulding

        B - Nose-1 - 2 Splay Colonial Top Splay F - Jointed

        White Primed Door Jamb | 42x18: AU$2.75
        White Primed Door Jamb | 67x18: AU$3.25
        White Primed Door Jamb | 92x18: AU$4.35


    Furniture Grade PIne

        Furniture Grade PIne | 41x41: AU$5
        Furniture Grade PIne | 70x70: AU$11
        Furniture Grade PIne | 90x90: AU$26.50
        Furniture Grade PIne | 140x35: AU$11.25
        Furniture Grade PIne | 140x45: AU$18.95
        Furniture Grade PIne | 90x45: AU$9.50
        Pine Standard Grade | 70x35: AU$4.65
        Pine Standard Grade | 240x35: AU$19.50
        Pine Standard Grade | 290x35: AU$28.50
        Pine Standard Grade | 290x45: AU$36.95

    Pine Standard Grade

        Pine Standard Grade | 240x45: AU$24.95
        Pine Standard Grade | 42x19: AU$1.85
        Pine Standard Grade | 70x19: AU$3.25
        Pine Standard Grade | 90x19: AU$3.65
        Pine Standard Grade | 120x19: AU$4.75
        Western Red Cedar DAR | 140x19: AU$19.50
        Western Red Cedar DAR | 190x19: AU$7.25
        Western Red Cedar DAR | 240x19: AU$8.95
        Western Red Cedar DAR | 290x19: AU$10.95


    Western Red Cedar DAR

        Western Red Cedar DAR | 140x19: AU$19.50
        Western Red Cedar DAR | 12x12: AU$2.90
        Western Red Cedar DAR | 19x12: AU$3.85
        Western Red Cedar DAR | 19x19: AU$3.25
        Western Red Cedar DAR | 31x19: AU$4.95
        Western Red Cedar DAR | 31x31: AU$7.25
        Western Red Cedar DAR | 31x12: AU$3.75
        Western Red Cedar DAR | 42x12: AU$4.85
        Western Red Cedar DAR | 42x19: AU$6.25
        Western Red Cedar DAR | 42x31: AU$9.40
        Western Red Cedar DAR | 41x41: AU$12.40
        Western Red Cedar DAR | 67x12: AU$6.95
        Western Red Cedar DAR | 67x19: AU$9.65
        Western Red Cedar DAR | 67x31: AU$14.50
        Western Red Cedar DAR | 67x41: AU$18.95
        Western Red Cedar DAR | 67x67: AU$28.75
        Western Red Cedar DAR | 91x12: AU$9.95
        Western Red Cedar DAR | 91x19: AU$12.85
        Western Red Cedar DAR | 91x31: AU$19.75
        Western Red Cedar DAR | 91x67: AU$38.50
        Western Red Cedar DAR | 91x91: AU$49.50
        Western Red Cedar DAR | 117x18: AU$15.90
        Western Red Cedar DAR | 117x31: AU$24.65
        Western Red Cedar DAR | 117x41: AU$32
        Western Red Cedar DAR | 140x12: AU$14.65
        Western Red Cedar DAR | 140x31: AU$29.40
        Western Red Cedar Scotia/Quad | 140x41: AU$38.50
        Western Red Cedar Scotia/Quad | 190x19: AU$26
        Western Red Cedar Scotia/Quad | 190x31: AU$38.95
        Western Red Cedar Scotia/Quad | 190x41: AU$49.95


    Tasmanian Oak Dar

        Tasmanian Oak Dar | 42x19: AU$4.65
        Tasmanian Oak Dar | 67x19: AU$6.85
        Tasmanian Oak Dar | 92x18: AU$8.50
        Tasmanian Oak Dar | 135x18: AU$14.50
        Tasmanian Oak Dar | 185x18: AU$24.50
        Tasmanian Oak Dar | 235x19: AU$37.90
        Tasmanian Oak Dar Laminated | 41x41: AU$10.95
        Tasmanian Oak Dar Laminated | 90x41: AU$21.95
        Galvinised Z brackets | 140x41: AU$37
        Harwood Paling 1.8m | 65x41: AU$15.85

    Tasmanian Oak Dar Laminated

        Metal posts | 285x33: AU$48.50
        Metal Posts | 90x90: AU$43.50

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